Well that was quite the week 1

I was lucky enough to start of this class having already utilized a Domain of Ones Own during my Freshman Year, however that does not mean I remembered how to use it in the slightest.  Luckily it was a lot easier to pick up this time and I did have some base knowledge on what it was like to work in WordPress.

My first day I spent a good amount of time setting up all of the different social media accounts that I needed, because I personally do not utilize social media (other than Facebook) so I had to start from scratch.  One thing that I really struggled with and still haven’t been able to figure out is why my Gravatar is not connecting to my account when I comment on different blogs.  It shows up on the top right of my WordPress dashboard but doesn’t show up on my comments.

Once I all my accounts were set up, I started to play around on all of the different sites to see what they are like.  My Multimodal Introduction  gave me an easy starting point to get my feet under me on all of the different accounts.  I think customizing my blog may have been the easiest thing I completed this week starting with my About Page because a good WordPress theme makes customization fairly easy.  Really it is just important to fiddle around with your Blog till you get it to your liking.

Visual Storytelling has never been super high on my priority list but I appreciate how this class has forced me to take a different look at it as an art.  I have been pushed to use photography and visual arts where I normally would use words as my medium.  The photographs I have taken then this week have shown me how much true skill it takes to tell stories with visuals. Reflecting on my photographs was interesting because I am normally a point and shoot kind of girl when it comes to pictures.

The Photo Safari was quite an interesting assignment, but also very fun and it got you thinking. The Photo Safari made me very aware of how lucky I was to be able to do something so carefree with photography because I am am fortunate enough to have the ability right in my pocket as a phone.

The Daily Creates I chose to complete where a fun quick assignment that I never minded completing.  I started by referencing my love of Game of Thrones on Monday’s Daily Create. On Wednesday I write a poem about poor johnjohnston’s wife and finally today I taught a Squirrel to Yodel.

All of the Visual Assignments from this week are what I spent a majority of my time completing. I created a Spubble (2 Stars) that showed me in my natural state of exhaustion and my natural mood of stressed.  I took a photograph of something you aren’ t expecting (3 stars) and will be impressed if you guess it. Then showed you what the involved student see’s on the daily through the Eye of my best friend (3 stars) and finally paired my favorite lyrics  (2 stars) with an image to do them justice.

Overall I liked Visual Storytelling, but I am more excited for the Design in the coming week.  I think this week seemed especially difficult for me simply because I had a conference from Thursday- Saturday not without any downtime, so I simply had less time to complete all my work.



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