Well I Designed Things…

Week 2 was very interesting to me because I got to do Design which I was pretty comfortable with, while I’m not fluent in programs like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, I’ve been told I have a good eye for design.

I started this week by jumping feet first into Design Assignments starting with the required Are We There Yet? which was difficult because I did not have photoshop on the computer I completed the assignment on. After messing around on a couple different programs I c I had to use a lot of online programs to complete my assignments because I was unable to download programs onto my work computer.

I really like working with logos so for my second Design Assignment I created Cradle to Crayons for the Branding Assignment.  I really liked how the logo turn out for the Daycare and After School Care, but it took a little bit of time to get the spacing exactly how I wanted it.

When I found the Event Advertisement Design Assignment I was really excited because I knew I could kill two birds with one stone.  I had already been meaning to create an advertisement for CPB’s First Friday Hawaiian Luau and this assignment allowed me to allot time to complete it.  It is always fun for me to create advertisements for the events that my student org is hosting on campus.

I got in a good laugh designing I Will Find You for if movies told the truth. We all know Liam Neeson to be Liam Neeson in all of this movies and my poster definitely told the truth.

Creating Green Pearl Fighter’s really hurt my soul as I attributed lyrics to some many wrong artists to complete the Triple Rock Troll assignment.  All of the Design Assignments I did this week were fun for me to complete.

I also completed both of the GIF assignments that I didn’t find quite as fun as the Design Assignments, I also had a hard time importing both of theme into WordPress because I didn’t have anymore space on my disk.  I completed a GIF of My Favorite Musician   as well as the Rainbow Spinny Wheel of Death that will forever drive me insane and make time move slowly.

Throughout the week I was reading the material for the Design Blitz as well as taking pictures in order to show You Really Notice this Stuff, especially when you are taking the time to learn about it.  During the week I also read Vognelli’s Canon and came to know his affinity for KISS (no not the band).

Also as always I was completing Daily Creates throughout the Week.

I really enjoyed this week and I’m looking forward to continuing this class for the next three weeks but I’m a little worried about the work load once I start Orientation.

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