Week 4

This week has been completely and utterly challenging for me.  I started Orientation which means I have no time to work during the week and I got very very ill today.  So ill that I keep falling asleep in the middle of  typing all of my posts to the point that I really just need to go to sleep even though I’m not quite done for the week.  I know there’s a strict deadline of midnight but if I feel any better tomorrow I’m going to add Look, Listen, Analyze and comments on some of my peers blog. I do however understand the penalty for these assignments not being in on time.


I completed four Daily Creates starting on Thursday.


As well as an assignment creating a Lyric Video which took a lot more time than I was expecting but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I also created a Movement Vine  which took less time but I am not quite as happy with it,  I found it hard to make the movement look at all natural.  I also analyzed Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie as well as three other clips I viewed.  Again I’m sorry this week is just really awful for me… I just can’t keep going, not today.

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  1. I wanted to comment on your political double speak daily create but I couldn’t find the post so I’ll just comment on here. I thought your daily create was funny and oh so accurate! I also completely agree with the screwing us part. Not sure about you but I am so ready for this whole election to be over. Anyways not sure if you had a actual post for the daily create but my only suggestion would be to tag it under your daily create tab (I initially looked there for it). Anyways it caught my attention so I wanted to comment on it 🙂

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