Finally Week 5

Well I had to get Week 5 done quite early because I have Orientation starting Thursday and I am very thankful that my supervisors gave me time of to complete my Final Project. I am very excited with how that turned out.

Also this week I created two different assignments for the DS106 Assignment Bank.  I decided on a Create your own Game of Throne House assignment, which I completed here.  I also decided on a DS106 Word Cloud as an assignment which I did here.

The last thing I did this week was pull two of the tutorials I felt I did well at to be my graded tutorials.  I really liked the Eye See the HCC Tutorial, but I think for the average student the Advertisement Tutorial might be the most helpful and utilized.

I really enjoyed this class and I think I learned a lot of valuable skills that I will use in my future especially in regards to design, which I use on the most frequent basis.  The work load of this class is no joke though and I’m glad that for the beginning of the class I was able to dedicate a ton of time to it with not distractions.  I was sad that I got so sick during week four because I wish I could have done better on all the assignments.  This was a great experience but I laugh at the fool who ever takes this as an easy class.

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