Closer to the End than the Beginning — Week 3!

Week Three was very interesting and not exactly what I was expecting.  I had to get a lot of my work done early in the week because I had a wedding to go to over the weekend and everything else was done while in the car for 16 hours in a two day span.  Audio was quite the adventure and I’m glad I didn’t procrastinate on my work this week.  I think even with how odd my week was I completed the assignments to the best of my ability.  I really enjoyed layering sounds and messing around in audacity but I think it could be more user friendly.

I started off my week by watching the videos of Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad and reflecting on what I could learn from them.  I really enjoyed learning from Ira Glass and I think I understand more fully what audio storytelling is like because of him.  I also went ahead and listened to a Radiolab about robots and human interaction with robots and analyzed how the show was put together.

I did two assignments early on in the week where I avoided having to hear myself speak.  I did an assignment in which I had to remove the lyrics (3.5 stars) from one of my favorite song in audacity which proved to be more challenging than I was expecting.  The other assignment I completed this week was creating my day in sounds (2.5 stars) which was a lot of fun and I liked how it ended up coming out.

Throughout the week I was as always completing Daily Creates.  I recreated the Are You My Mother book cover. I found ds106 in my daily surrounding well I *almost* found it in a Zodiac Tapestry. I showed of *my* Guitar Face and finally I showed the true purpose of Pedestrian flypaper.

I had to wait until the end of the week to comment on individual’s blogs and think about how looking at those blogs have increased my knowledge.  Reading individuals blogs helped me gather my thoughts about what I learned this Week.

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