Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is something that I don’t often think about if I am being truly honest.  I am a reader I have been and I always will be I enjoy creating my own image of what is happening rather than seeing what everyone else does.  However you can often capture things in a photograph that just cannot be felt or understood in words.

I think that the Story Behind the Migrant Mother shows that Visual Storytelling can be the most informative of all.  Everyone knows how tragic the Great Depression was however simply hearing about those who were starving did not affect those who could make a difference, at least not nearly as much as seeing a striking image of a woman who was struggling to keep her family alive.  You can see the despair and resolve in her eyes to do everything she can in spite of the idea of failing her children.

I think visual storytelling is important to make people see the reality of situations, rather than just understanding the situation as words on a page.

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