Golden Ratio

I found Roger Ebert’s “How to Read Film” super interesting and it solidified things that I had never noticed in movies.  As I was reading my brain was scanning all the different movies I have watched over my lifetime and a lot of the techniques clicked right into place.  One thing I found particularly interesting was that even in cultures where they don’t read left to right that the Golden ratio still seems to be in affect.

I watched three clips and I couldn’t find a scene that was contrary to Roger Ebert’s “rules.”  I feel like the right-left positive-negative rule is one of those things that you just can’t unsee and I feel like I will continue to notice that long after this class is over.  Hell I’m sure I’ll notice that in the Game of Thrones episode I’m going to watch tonight.

One thing Ebert didn’t mention was zoom which I watched in The Shining — Zooms.  They were very effective in creating suspense in all on the different scenes that were shown in that video. One Point Perspective notably used by Kubrick really draw the focus of the shot to the center of the screen however I feel like this would be hard to use if you are trying to show a conversation between two people. Tarantino uses an awful lot of from below shots which work well to make the viewer feel dwarfed and the characters feel larger than life.

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  1. D.J. Wernitznig says: Reply

    You’re definitely right about positive/negative rule. Game of Thrones is a great example of using this theory!

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