I listened to Talking to Machines from Radiolab, which was a very interesting both in it’s content and how the show was put together.  The show delved deeper into how humans interact with robot/machines and if it will ever be possible for robots to truly be sentient beings.  I found the content pretty interesting which made it a lot easier for me to spend the hour to listen to the entire show.  The show used a lot of sound layering and background music.

The sound layering was done so expertly with the interviewers speaking with who they were interviewing aw well as using voice overs to explain more of the content to the audience.  That isn’t even mentioning the sound effects and music that went on in the background to give the different scenes more emotion.  They sound effects were used whenever something was cuing up for a new section of the story that was very interesting.  The very subtle music that was on under a lot of the the different stories in some cases got louder when there was a lull in conversation for effect.  I also really liked that Radiolab’s radio bumper, I thought it was really cool that it was made to sound like a message left on an answering machine.  The story was  just really interestingly put together and all of the sound effects were applied in all of the correct places which I would assume comes with lots and lots of practice.

I really learned how much goes into radio show sound editing. It really isn’t just two people talking and hoping they are interesting enough to keep the audiences attention, they really try to paint a picture in your head about what is going on and get you to think critically about certain issues.


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