A Comment Here, A Comment There, Comments Everywhere.

GoT Comment

I was super excited to comment on Daenerys Targaryan’s voicemail and was happy to find there was another Game of Thrones fan in the class.  Honestly in the case of this comment it was much more content focused than process focused.

Good Morning Comment

The good morning message was overall pretty good, but as I said I think it could have been much better if she had used audacity to create it.  The quality of the sound and the mixing of the background music and vocals would have been better.

Trying to Help Comment

I was happy to hear, well read, that someone else needed to focus more while listening to stories because there are no visual cues to help us along.  I think when I listen audio stories I focus more and retain more of the detail because I am having to really focus.

Ira Glass Comment

It’s interesting to see that some people always associate podcasts with the radio, because when I think of podcasts I think of particular podcasts that I listen to online or on my phone because I enjoy music while I’m driving and that’s the only time I listen to the radio.



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