• Weekly Summaries
  • Finally Week 5

    Well I had to get Week 5 done quite early because I have Orientation starting Thursday and I am very thankful that my supervisors gave me time of to complete my Final Project. I am very excited with how that turned out. Also this week I created two different assignments for the DS106 Assignment Bank.  I decided […]

  • Weekly Summaries
  • Well I Designed Things…

    Week 2 was very interesting to me because I got to do Design which I was pretty comfortable with, while I’m not fluent in programs like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, I’ve been told I have a good eye for design. I started this week by jumping feet first into Design Assignments starting with the required […]

  • Visual
  • We’re Going on a Safari


    The Photo Safari Assignment was very interesting to me because it was not something I would ever think to do or come up with as an assignment. I chose to do my Photo Safari in the University Center because I thought it would have the most opportunities for me to find things to photograph because […]