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  • Well I Designed Things…

    Week 2 was very interesting to me because I got to do Design which I was pretty comfortable with, while I’m not fluent in programs like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, I’ve been told I have a good eye for design. I started this week by jumping feet first into Design Assignments starting with the required […]

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  • KISS

    My first thought after reading this is that Massimo Vignelli is a firm believer in Keep it Simple Stupid and I appreciate him for that.  He knows what works and is sticking to it. Vignelli shows his passion for design very quickly in this article when he sets the three most important parts of design […]

  • Design
  • You Really Notice this Stuff?

    It has been very interesting completing the Design Blitz over the last week and it has made me appreciate more the amount of thought an effort it takes to create eye-catching designs that fulfill their purpose with elegance and style. Through all my reading on design I know that there are many different types of […]

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  • Everlong

    Dave Grohl GIF

    Favorite Musician GIF Choose your favorite musician, and then head to Youtube and pick one of their videos to make an animated gif of. Try to use the best quality video possible, preferably HD. I love things that are involved with musicians and if I had to pick my favorite singular musician it would be […]

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  • Green Pearl Fighters

    Triple Rock Troll (2 Stars) As an homage to the popular Triple Quotes assignment, this one puts a rock music twist on it. Find an image of a well known rock star, add to it a phrase by song lyric by someone related in some way to the star in the image and then attribute the quote […]

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  • I Will Find You


    If Movie Posters Told the Truth Improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. Inspired entirely by theshiznit.co.uk. (3 Stars) I think everyone knows that Liam Neeson knows how to play one character and one character only.  That character just so happens to be Liam Neeson.  Neeson is the […]

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  • Cradle to Crayons

    Cradle to Crayons

    Branding For this assignment you will make a business logo for the business of a character of your choice. Be creative! Use an application like Photoshop or a website like http://www.designmantic.com/ to create your logo. Make it personal to the business while remaining professional. (4 Stars) I was very excited to deal with Branding, because it […]