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  • Check Check 1-2-3

    Doing audio this week was a real eye opener as to how time consuming audio can be to complete well.  I really enjoyed learning to layer sound with Audacity and while I don’t think I have a complete knowledge of Audacity by any means I am more confident in my ability to use it.  I’m […]

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  • Fuuuurby

    I listened to Talking to Machines from Radiolab, which was a very interesting both in it’s content and how the show was put together.  The show delved deeper into how humans interact with robot/machines and if it will ever be possible for robots to truly be sentient beings.  I found the content pretty interesting which made […]

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  • The Real T-Swift

    @ds106dc #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1608 I don't know what you're talking about that's me not Taylor Swift pic.twitter.com/52GY3vF0nZ — Emily Stallings (@em_stallings95) June 3, 2016 Guitar Face? Me? Yes, I am the real Taylor Swift and I think this is one of her *ehem* my best guitar faces that show how into the instrument I truly […]

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  • Zodiac

    @ds106dc #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1607 So close but not quite. pic.twitter.com/20hPnsrc7P — Emily Stallings (@em_stallings95) June 2, 2016 The first thing I did when I saw this Daily Create was look around my apartment for the number 1,0, and 6.  Looking preferably for at least two of those numbers together.  I found the number 16 on […]

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  • Are you my Friend?

    #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1606 Are you my friend? @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/oWLac1QDFA — Emily Stallings (@em_stallings95) June 1, 2016 I completed the title with Are You My Friend?  I think it’s very interesting that people my age are so obsessed with being friends with each other on social media.  Sure you may be my friend on Facebook, but […]

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  • A Day in the Life

    Do You Hear What I Hear? Record glimpses of the different sounds you hear throughout the day, whether it be busy street noises, people talking, birds chirping, etc. and compile it into a single audio clip on Sound Cloud.  Use an audio software such as Audacity to put them all in one. (2.5 Stars) This […]