From Snow to a Dragon

Jon Snow had a very average life growing up in Westeros… well average for any Lord or Lady, but Jon was not really a Lord because his mother was nary a Lady but simply a peasant. Jon’s last family name was not Stark like that of his father, but Snow the mark of a bastard. His Lord father’s wife was not fond of Jon in fact she hated him as he in her thoughts “rubbed in her face her husbands infidelity.”  In her mind he was not one of her children and he shouldn’t be around her precious children who were Lords and Ladies.

Jon didn’t want to live in his family home as he never felt welcome but he did love all of his brothers and sisters. One day he saw a recruitment poster for the Night’s Watch.

Nights Watch Recruitment

Jon was so excited about the idea of doing something honorable that didn’t matter that he was a bastard.  Jon Snow quickly told his father that he would like to join and head North to the big cold wall to help protect the Seven Kingdoms.  Lord Stark thought Jon taking the Black was a great idea and told Jon that the next time they saw one another he would tell Jon about his mother.

Jon’s life at the wall was interesting but ultimately not the most important part of his life.  Compared to the rest of his life it’s actually so simple that you can listen to his time there and know what he went through.

Jon Snow’s life got really interesting when Daenerys Targaryen flew right into his world. game-of-thrones-daenerys-flying-drogon-season-5-hbo 2

Jon was rather happy up at the wall chugging along and fighting the good fight to keep his home safe.  But when Daenerys flew in she dropped some news on him that burned more than dragon fire.  She was going through some family during her quest to take back the Seven Kingdoms and return herself to the Iron Throne, Jon Snow is her nephew.  A Snow by name, but with blood of both Ice and Fire, Stark and Targaryen.  Jon according to Dany is the Son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and his “father” Lord Stark took him in as a bastard to protect him when his mother died.

Once Jon had this realization everything fell into place in his mind, especially what his father said about telling Jon about his mother the next time they saw one another.  He became very close to Daenerys and together, they along with Daenerys’ dragons drew an army and took back the Iron Throne to rule together. Westeros was finally at peace with Jon and Daenerys on the throne, the perfect mix of both the North and the South, ruling as one.

House of Ice and Fire

Jon could not truly abandon his ties to the Stark name and created a new sigil for himself, emphasizing his bond with both families.  He was happy to finally know the truth about himself and rule with family to protect the realm. Westeros lived happily ever after… well at least for a few hundred years, but as always rebellion will rise again and of course in the Game of Thrones you either win or you die.


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