Are you my Friend?

I completed the title with Are You My Friend?  I think it’s very interesting that people my age are so obsessed with being friends with each other on social media.  Sure you may be my friend on Facebook, but are you really my friend?  Do you know anything about me other than what I post?  Have we ever spent real time together?

Maybe or Maybe not, but it really depends.

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  1. I like this spin on it. I agree that the whole “friend” thing is such a social media frenzy now a days. Everyone is super obsessed with how many friends they have on social media. Most don’t even worry about how many “real” friends they have. Anyway I like this. It would’ve been cool if you would’ve made the black outline around the white. As someone who also did this daily create I know that is definitely easier said than done haha! Good job either way!

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