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  • Let’s Get Wordy

    DS106 Word Cloud Near the end of your time completing DS106 complete a Word Cloud that encompasses the class and all that you have learned! There are plenty of different online tools to help you create a Word Cloud! Creating a word cloud can be super easy and word clouds are very useful in showing […]

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  • Never Dormant

    Create A Game of Thrones House Create your own Game of Thrones House name and Sigil.  Jointherealm.com is a useful tool for creating your own Sigil! (3 stars) I’ve always loved the idea of creating a Game of Thrones house because I just live an breath Game of Thrones.  I’m shocked by how quickly I […]

  • Video
  • Bye Office

    Moving Object   Make a moving object using Vine. (4 Stars) These flip aren’t just walking.  They are walking straight out of my office and to no more responsibility.  This week has been really stressful for me because I started orientation which means I have about zero free time and I would really like to […]

  • Audio
  • A Day in the Life

    Do You Hear What I Hear? Record glimpses of the different sounds you hear throughout the day, whether it be busy street noises, people talking, birds chirping, etc. and compile it into a single audio clip on Sound Cloud.  Use an audio software such as Audacity to put them all in one. (2.5 Stars) This […]

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  • You Really Notice this Stuff?

    It has been very interesting completing the Design Blitz over the last week and it has made me appreciate more the amount of thought an effort it takes to create eye-catching designs that fulfill their purpose with elegance and style. Through all my reading on design I know that there are many different types of […]

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  • Everlong

    Dave Grohl GIF

    Favorite Musician GIF Choose your favorite musician, and then head to Youtube and pick one of their videos to make an animated gif of. Try to use the best quality video possible, preferably HD. I love things that are involved with musicians and if I had to pick my favorite singular musician it would be […]

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  • Green Pearl Fighters

    Triple Rock Troll (2 Stars) As an homage to the popular Triple Quotes assignment, this one puts a rock music twist on it. Find an image of a well known rock star, add to it a phrase by song lyric by someone related in some way to the star in the image and then attribute the quote […]