We’re Going on a Safari


The Photo Safari Assignment was very interesting to me because it was not something I would ever think to do or come up with as an assignment. I chose to do my Photo Safari in the University Center because I thought it would have the most opportunities for me to find things to photograph because it is so large with so many nooks and cranies. I did a majority of my photography in the Student Activities Office where I was working for the day, which was quite entertaining when the SAE Director came out of his office to see what I was doing.

The experience was fun, but I thought I looked like a mad woman considering I was in such a public space running around taking pictures of very random objects.  I’m a very competitive person so I did a lot of the easier pictures on the list in order to maximize the number of pictures I could get in my 15 minutes.

I think the one that speaks the most to me as inventive was my photo that represented joy.  It was a photograph of someone clocking out of work from MyTime and while the photograph may not be the best quality it definitely represents joy in my mind.

My favorite photograph that I took of the bunch was of the Chandler Ballroom floor to show a repeating pattern.  I like the colors in the photograph (though I hate that carpet) and the angle at which I took the photo.  I think if I had taken the photographs for this assignment later in the week they would have been more visually pleasing photos.

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  1. Your slow motion photo came out really well. You can definitely see the motion in it. For me that was one of the hardest to do. I also really like the picture of the ball room floor!

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