Never Dormant

Create A Game of Thrones House

Create your own Game of Thrones House name and Sigil. is a useful tool for creating your own Sigil! (3 stars)


I’ve always loved the idea of creating a Game of Thrones house because I just live an breath Game of Thrones.  I’m shocked by how quickly I came up with the house motto “Never Dormant” as soon as I saw the icon of a tree.  I think “Never Dormant” is contrasted well with the obviously dormant tree.  To me it shows that even when we look like we are not stagnant we as House Stallings are always there watching and listening.

It was super easy to create a sigil on

First you change your House Name.  You can either go with your family name or try to come up with something more creative and Game of Thrones sounding.

Add Name

You then choose the icon you would like to use for your house in the Icon menu.

Sigil Icon

After you have your logo you  can change your House Motto to go along with your logo.  Because I chose a tree as my icon I decided on the House Motto “Never Dormant”

Sigil house motto

If you want to change the border of your sigil you go to the background menu and then click on the border you like.

Sigil Border

After you have completed the sigil to you’re liking you press the Save/Continue button and can either download the finished product or share it straight to social media.

Sigil Save

oSo what would be your House Motto and Sigil?  Get creative and share so other Game of Thrones nerds can appreciate you!







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