Can I Really Do This Without a Fancy Camera?

Jepson Fountain

Since people are very lacking these days on campus, I stuck with my surroundings while photographing this week.

I really tried to work on the balance of my photographs this week, in order to bring focus to the correct objects in the photograph. For the photograph I took of Alvey Hall I really wanted the brick sidewalk to draw your attention up towards the actual residence hall rather than being closer to the hall and just snapping an image.  I have a relative grasp on the rule of thirds and try to utilize it in my photos as much as possible.


On a lot of my photographs I took this week I tweaked their contrast and coloring in Photoshop to make them more eye catching. Especially because we haven’t had a true sunny day this week. This bench I wanted to especially pop as it shows just how empty campus is over the summer as most of the students return home and all of the benches we hold so dear are empty.

Bench Sitting

My favorite photograph I took this week was of the Jepson Fountain in which I think I truly got a handle on what it means to focus on the foreground and background in a single photograph. I think the photograph is very eye catching and the foreground is great in giving the photograph depth.  I wanted the foreground to be something that is in motion while the background was obviously a constant and I feel like the fountain did that.

Jepson Fountain

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  1. I love the perspective on the first shot you took of the fountain- really cool! I’m glad that you’re reporting from our beautiful campus, I definitely miss it.

  2. I almost didn’t recognize the Jepson fountain cause it looks so much better in that photo. I like that you took the shot with a fast shutter speed so the water streams were crisp. The angle was really nice too and it complimented the fountain. Nice job, also it must be kinda creepy being on campus during the Summer. I can’t think that there are many people still there right now lol.

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