Any Guesses?


That’s Not What I Expected

Take a close up picture of something as see if people can guess what it is. Try doing the skin or outside of something that would make it hard for someone to guess!



This is my first Visual Assignment and I’m happy with how it turned out. I spent a lot of time taking pictures and thinking they were too easy to guess before I took this one and figured it was a little more difficult to figure out.  I simply took the picture with my phone and uploaded it to flickr. prior to embedding it in this post!  I’m at work so it had to be something in my immediate environment. I had to work around the lighting in my building in order to get a good picture, but I think I managed pretty well for my first attempt.  I didn’t have to edit this photograph in any way before posting it on flickr.  Can’t wait to see what you all guess it is.

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  1. Jennifer Polack says: Reply

    Is this a puddle or an oil slick under a car?

    1. estallin says: Reply

      Nope! Think something that could be inside in an office building!

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