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Create a Lyric Video

Create a lyric video for a song. Try and be as creative as possible. Use multiple fonts, colors, backgrounds, and transitions. Try not to be super plain and try to deliver the lyrics clearly and correctly. (4.5 Stars)


I had a hard time deciding what song I would like to create a lyric video for, but I finally settled on Tiger Striped Sky by Roo Panes because it has some of my favorite lyrics that exist in a song.  I stumbled onto this song by accident in my Spotify Weekly Playlist.  I have since listened to it on repeat and know all the words.  I think it is so interesting to me because what would you consider a Tiger Striped Sky? Video became challenging when I learned that iMovie no longer comes standard on Macs.  I didn’t want to pay for iMovie so I whipped out my PC because Windows Movie Maker can still be downloaded for free.  I had worked with Movie Maker when I was much younger, so I knew to some extent how the program works. I quickly learned that Movie Maker works a lot better now than it did when I was younger and is much more user friendly.

You simply add all the photos that you would like to include in your video from the desktop.


You place all the photos in the order you would like them by dragging and dropping them in order.  You can make the photos stay in the screen longer or shorter by clicking the video tools and extending the time.


You then click the add music button and the sound for your video is inserted in conjunction with the pictures.


You click the Caption button on the home menu to insert text over the video. Once all the text timing is correct you can click the file menu and click save movie. The movie will then save to your desktop.

youtube prio


After I saved the video to my desktop I uploaded it to Youtube prior to embedding it in this video.



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  1. Great job, not a fan of music like this usually but the video you put together definitely gave me a greater appreciation for it. You picked good photos to compliment the music and it did a good job of adding to the vibe of the music. I guess the only thing I would say is that some pictures were not full screen on the video and had some quality differences. You still did a great job putting this video together and I think you captured the visual aspect of the song very well.

  2. Beautiful! The pictures you chose and the font choice seemed to go perfectly with the song. The transitions in between pictures were good in creating some movement and visual engagement, but maybe they could have been even a little more dramatic/dynamic. Where did you find all the photographs?

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