Rainbow Spinny Wheel of Death

Spinny Wheel

Hurry Up and Wait

Animate one of those frustrating moments when you know time is moving forward, but it’s just so damn hard to tell.

I think one of the most frustrating things that happen while using a Mac is when the user receives what I like to call the Rainbow Spinny Wheel of Death.  Getting the Rainbow Spinny Wheel, especially when your Mac is older, for extended periods of time does not bode well for the likes of the computer.  When you are in a time crunch or short on patience it feels like the Rainbow Spinny Wheel could really spin on until your death.

To create the GIF of the Rainbow Spinny Wheel, I googled the internet for a video of the Rainbow Mac Spinny Wheel and found a video on YouTube.

I decided to use makeagif.com again since it worked so well for my GIF of Dave Grohl.


I used the YouTube setting once again.

insert URL

After I inserted the YouTube video I adjusted the Clip to be the correct length with the slide bars on the left side of the page.

spinny wheel

I then downloaded the GIF to my desktop before uploading it into this post.

Spinny Wheel

What makes you forget that time is moving and makes you want to pull your hair out?

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