Let’s Get Wordy

DS106 Word Cloud

Near the end of your time completing DS106 complete a Word Cloud that encompasses the class and all that you have learned! There are plenty of different online tools to help you create a Word Cloud!

DS106 Word Cloud

Creating a word cloud can be super easy and word clouds are very useful in showing the main elements of something, whether it be a class like in this case or a book in a different case.  I think creating a word cloud about DS106 that new students see would help inform the students about what they will be doing over the entirety of the class.

I used the website Worditout.com to create my Word Cloud.  It was super easy I just typed all the words I want to use in my word cloud into the normal text box and then clicked generate.

word input

After my words were all entered I clicked on the size menu and clicked to vary the size of words randomly.

WordCloud vary randomly

Once I had the words varied nicely I changed the background and word color in the colours menu.

wordcloud colo

I then went to the font menu and changed the font to the one I found most appealing, but you can chose whichever one you prefer.

wordcloud font

After the word cloud looked like I wanted it to I saved it and then downloaded it prior to uploading it to flickr. and embedding it into this post.

download word cloud

What words do you find most the most important in DS106?  Create your own word cloud to show the DS106 community!

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