Green Pearl Fighters

Triple Rock Troll (2 Stars)

As an homage to the popular Triple Quotes assignment, this one puts a rock music twist on it. Find an image of a well known rock star, add to it a phrase by song lyric by someone related in some way to the star in the image and then attribute the quote to a third, related musician. From Know Your Memes:

(1) Get a picture of rock star people idolize. Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison — any beloved rock star from the 1970s will do.

(2) Slap on a phrase from the song lyric from a similar musician from a different band or era. Pick something close enough that a non-fan might legitimately confuse them. If you’re using Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, for example, you’ll probably want to grab a song lyric from say, the band Spirit (whom Led Zeppelin was accused of lifting the riff for Stairway to Heaven)

(3) Attribute the lyric to another band or musician from yet a third confusing space (maybe Eric Clapton).

This way, nothing about your image is correct, and you’re trolling fans of all three characters at once. Inspired by the “Nickelchad” example by Terry Greene

My first instinct was to use Dave Grohl, who I think is not only a wonderful musician but is also a role model for young musicians everywhere. When I thought of lyric Green Day seemed to fall in the closest to Foo Fighters, in my mind for some reason.  The hardest thing for me to figure out was what musician to attribute the lyrics too that seemed to make sense, I finally landed on Pearl Jam.

Don't want to bean American Idiot

This was a super easy two stars for me to complete near the end of my day because I could throw it together rather quickly on Canva.

I downloaded a picture of Dave Grohl from online.

dave grohl

I then uploaded the photo of Grohl to Canva.


I then inserted text from the text menu over the the image of Grohl and changed the color to green.


I added one more text over Grohl to attribute the lyrics to Pearl Jam and decided I actually preferred the text in Black and changed it back.

Pearl Jame

I finally downloaded the image from Canva onto my desktop and uploaded it to Flickr. before embedding it in this post.

Don't want to bean American Idiot

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