Dave Grohl GIF

Favorite Musician GIF

Choose your favorite musician, and then head to Youtube and pick one of their videos to make an animated gif of. Try to use the best quality video possible, preferably HD.

I love things that are involved with musicians and if I had to pick my favorite singular musician it would be Dave Grohl.  I think he is just a really kick ass dude and I think that him breaking his leg and continuing a concert exemplifies that.

To make my GIF of Dave Grohl I searched for concert footage of the Foo Fighters on YouTube.

I searched online for a web based gif maker and finally settles on makeagif.com


I then selected the method of YouTube to create the GIF.

insert URL

After the video loaded I then chose the clip of time I preferred for my GIF with a slide bar on the left side of the page.


I then downloaded the GIF onto my Desktop before uploading it into this post. I had to look up on the DS106 website how to get the GIF to animate, and then edited the GIF to be on the page in full size.

Dave Grohl GIF

Who is your favorite musician? Not going to lie this is a question that holds a lot of weight with me (and there are incorrect answers).

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  1. Emily Juran says: Reply

    I love the Foo Fighters!! I actually really wanted to see them live at RFK stadium this past 4th of July, but wasn’t able to. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this GIF because I think you chose a pretty awesome video to make one. I would say my favorite musician is Marcus Mumford. I think all of their songs have good meaning and just love all the different instruments they use.

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