My name’s Emily and I’m a Senior at the University of Mary Washington.  I am a Psychology major and in the Elementary Education Program here at Wash, where most people say I am too involved for my own good.  I am the President of Campus Programming Board and the Senior Student Coordinator for Events in the Office of Student Activities and Engagement and over the summer I spend my time as on Orientation Leader helping the lanyard wearers (I’m sorry Freshmen) become part of the Mary Washington community.  Orientation has been the most stressful and sleep depriving experience of my life, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing!  OLs all become super close, and like a family super weird together.  Prior to being President of CPB I was one of the Event Chairs that helped to bring some great events to campus for all students to enjoy!  CPB this past year had 2,000 unique students attend our events, which we are super proud of.

OLs being OLs

Considering I’m so involved on Campus you may guess that I like what I’m doing here, and I do I plan to go to Graduate School for Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs, so I don’t ever truly have to leave college.  The fact that within the next 8 months I’ll know where I’m going to Grad School scares the crap out of me and I try my hardest not to think about it and just enjoy my time here in Fred, with the crazy little people I call my family.

Crazy Little Family